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Sep 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
consolidation off of that high we saw in the s&p 500 last week of 1475. but overall, you'd have to say over the last couple of days, there's been pretty minor consolidation here, a little bit of a pullback across the board. but even yesterday, as we moved toward the close, we saw some buying going on, and if you look at the vix, the volatility index, you saw that kind of trending down now as we see some of this uncertainty over the weekend and some of the political situations that were taking place in the middle east at least kind of getting in and being priced into the market right now. > > is this being supported by what you looked at - you were mentioning the spx index. > > exactly. you're looking at, again, some support here in the spx. a little bit more of a pullback as possible. i have 1438 as a support level in the spx. but overall, you're still seeing all these indexes performing pretty well and breaking out to new highs. you're even seeing the consolidation in the financial sector, where you saw the xlf trade up to 16.5, now trading down to about 16, where it's got some pretty soli
Sep 26, 2012 4:00am PDT
pushed prices up 1.2% in july. the s&p case shiller index notes over the past year prices are up 16% in phoenix, one of the hardest-hit areas by the housing collapse, and 6% in minneapolis and detroit. however, prices dropped compared to last year in atlanta, new york, chicago, and las vegas. staples will shut down more stores. the chain will close 15 stores in the u.s., and 45 stores in europe. staples is attempting to cut costs in order to invest in its online and mobile business. it hopes to save around $250 million by 2015. toys 'r' us begins hiring 45,000 holiday workers this week. that's 5 thousand more than last year. the retailer joins walmart, khol's and target in hiring seasonal workers. it's predicted holiday sales will jump 3 to 4% this year and stores are starting now to expand staff to get into position for shoppers. a manager at target had this observation about job hunters. "we definitely see a lot of applicants that need extra money for the holiday season and are looking to pick up an extra job or so. but we are also continuing to see people that need employment and are
Sep 17, 2012 4:00am PDT
markets. > > how high can we go? what do you expect for the s&p for example? > > i think if you're looking at the end of the month, 1500 is certainly in play in the s&p. there's an awful lot of traders long, and not a whole lot of reasons to be short if qe3 is going to be extended pretty much indefinitely. > > is this a general lift, or are you seeing some sectors that are looking particularly profitable? how about cyclicals, metals, what are you looking at? > > i'm a big fan of the financials. i've been watching bank stocks for a while, and i think they've helped take the market up with it. so i think that's a situation you've got to watch. something like bank of america trading near $10 on friday. stocks like that that have had pretty big moves over a pretty short period of time, and they've been fun to watch and fun to trade. > > is europe still the big trigger that could cause all of this to come crashing down again? > > certainly it could, but i don't think that's what's going to happen, and i think the bailouts and the things we did here, they're pretty much copying our exact
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
, whether you're using options, whether you're using s&p options, the vix, it's so cheap right now, you can really stay long this market and buy your downside protection. until we see some sort of reversal in that, until we see some sort of unrest or something with the election, that's going to be the mantra here, probably going even through this entire earnings season. > > how about small caps, very quickly? they've had some good growth since july. is that likely to continue? > > i think the entire marketplace right now, you want to be generally across the board here. there's no stopping any of this market, whether it's commodities, small caps, the s&p. right now, the trend is really the bull, and the trend is probably grinding higher over the next few weeks. > > scott bauer, you go out there and make some money. > > we're going to try. the real estate market is seeing more closings in residential properties around the country than this same time last year. in our cover story, some of the reasons - among them, prices being asked by sellers. in many cases, those prices are dropping. residen
Sep 21, 2012 4:00am PDT
market still looks great. it's still above 1400 in the s&p, and it would really bring in some attractive buying levels for further investment if this market were to make new highs on the year. > > talk to me as though i'm a retail investor. what would be my strategic position here if i want to take advantage of what you're talking about, a 2 or 3 percent pullback. > > next week, let the market fall back. i think the dollar rebounds a little bit from this drop we've seen this week and last week. and then from there, it's going to put a little bit of pressure on commodities that we've seen here in the last day or two, and that could continue through next week. once this pullback happens and the dollar rallies a little bit, then i think it's time to jump in. you look at commodities across the board. this is game-on is what the fed's saying. this is q.e. to infinity. > > i sense the energy and urgency in your voice. bill baruch, thanks so much. > > thank you. here's a play for you: bed bath and beyond. why? we'll get into that in chart talk, next. time for chart talk. our trader today is sco
Sep 25, 2012 4:00am PDT
new 787's. the airline will start flying the aircraft domestically to select united hubs initially and then will use the dreamliner on international routes in europe, asia and africa later this year. wifi is not flying high with the airlines. only about a third of domestic flights offer wireless access, according to one study. virgin america and airtran have it on all their flights. not so with larger carriers. delta has it on 65%, while southwest only offers wifi on a little more than a third of its flights. for american, it's just 22%, and a mere 8% of u.s. airways flights. and united airlines? might as well pack your laptop or smartphone. only on 5% of its flights can you get online. the word "free" is becoming very rare at banks. greg mcbride of joins us via skype this morning with an update. good morning. how many banks are left that offer free checking, for instance? > > it's down to 39% angie, and that's among non \-interest accounts. it's down mightily from 76% in 2009. that was the peak. so we've seen a very sharp drop, not only in terms of the availability of
Sep 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
doing at the time. right now the s&p is up 16%. the housing market is doing better. interest rates are at all-time lows. it's very hard to argue that stimulus will help in that matter or is needed. the second would be deflation expectations. right now, they don't exist. the third is what we are talking about today: employment and jobs. i think the big question within the fed is whether the unemployment that exists is structural in nature - meaning a construction worker can't be turned into a nurse overnight - or is a temporary - meaning that it's something that can be healed with monetary policy. the data is mixed. there is a huge division within the fed. as you mentioned, mr. bernanke spoke about it quite a bit at jackson hole and made the argument- > > he says he does not believe it is structural. > > absolutely. he made the argument that he is likely to act, and that he doesn't believe the future cost of potential inflation is large enough to justify not doing something, because he fears more having people unemployed. > > yes, but brent, if they go for another round of stimulus,
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7